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Q&A – Dougy


Dougy “Grizzly” Reid

1. Role within the band?

Guitar/vocals and management.

2. What’s your favourite part of being in the band?

Writing songs, performing live and being part of a brotherhood. Means everything to me!

3. Describe your fellow band mates in your own words.

Morgan – Reliable, committed and there through it all, not the key songwriter but his bass is essential to our sound and he can learn our new music in such a quick time its alarming.

Kevin – An amazing guitarist, his song-writing inspires me and his passion for music is truly awesome, he makes Salvation shine and stand out from other bands and I will always admire his ability and lead playing skills he is incredibly smart and a great friend… until his alter ego kelvin is lurking haha

Pete – My brother eternal a wonderful songwriter and arranger he can provide simple solid beats and amaze with his independence of his feet and hands or simply blow your mind with all aspects of his playing and he is the MVP of this band, a brutal drummer with a heart of gold, a true friend

4. Who’s job would you like to have within the band for one gig and why?

Morgan as he has it easy, lol. I’d like to rock on the bass ‘n get loose! and to experience it all from a different angle.

5. Proudest moment/s so far?

Having a fan travel from Wales to Birmingham to see us and finishing our debut album “A Place Called Home” and seeing it released through a record label, that will take some beating.

6. Your 5 biggest musical influences.

7. Which 5 albums would you take to a desert island?

8. Your 5 favourite films

9. Favourite beverage?

Sparkling water, man it makes me feel energetic and refreshed

10. Your favourite food?

Bacon, no debate!

11. What are your favourite non-musical interests?

Watching films, and writing lyrics…and drinking a cold cider!

12. Something that people might not know about you?

I am a huge country music fan and I also own all of Robert De Niro’s films.

…and finally your parting words to people who are fans of Salvation.

Thank you for listening to us and for supporting us, we couldn’t do it without you all, we will never let you down or sell out.  We will just continue to craft albums and tour endlessly, music is our passion and our lives see ya on the road!




‘Ignite The Fire’

Some very exciting news for you all. We are pleased and excited to announce that we are once again entering CM Studios with producer extraordinaire Simon Cliffe at the helm of the beast that is our second album titled ‘Ignite The Fire’

We can confirm that this will be a continuation of our trademark sound but its a darker and heavier affair for sure. We have played live the tracks Hell And Back, Fortune, Sleep, Sweet Mercy and Mama’s Fool so see us live to check those out early and bang your head!

Full track listing will appear on very soon along with video updates.

Many thanks and please spread the word.