July 2013 archive

News, views and bruises!

Hey guys,
Its Dougy here aka ‘Grizzly’ frontman of the mighty SALVATION
i thought id take the time to post a little column documenting the latest happenings inside the band

Well firstly id like to address the absence of our bassist Andrew Morgan many of you may have heard he has been injured, id like to clear that up for you, he had a horrific injury at work whilst driving a forklift truck resulting in a broken foot and 3 toes amputated. As you can imagine its been a very stressful and emotional time for him and the boys in the band. He is in very high spirits and is his usual legendary self, granted he has a long road ahead but he has us firmly behind him and he will be back laying the finest bass to the most awesome songs very soon. we expect all of you to toast him with a fresh pint and a hell yes! Rest up my brother

Which leads me to my next thought, We have decided until Morgan is back to full fitness we are on acoustic duty for all upcoming shows.
Which may seem strange but as we have alot of acoustic songs in our arsenal we thought now would be a great time to play some of those that we usually dont have chance to. The thought of getting a temporary replacement to fill in on bass was one the 3 of us really dreaded as Morgan is our 4th brother and without him it isnt anyway near as much fun or as METAL as his playing is integral to our sound, in short we just dont want to play the heavy stuff without him as we are not the SALVATION people want and know without him.

It has certainly been a new experience playing all new and old songs stripped down and very naked musically. We have thouroughly enjoyed our unplugged time and with the exception of the O2 Academy 3 headline show on October 5th and the Scruffy Murphies show on August 25th which will be heavy and electric with Morgan playing, we are so far prepared for an acoustic end to the years gigging.

On August 3rd we hit the studio to begin work on album 2 ‘Ignite The Fire’ which will be again produced and mixed by simon Cliffe, we have spent this year writing and rehearsing a 10 track behemoth for your ears to enjoy, we will be recording the whole affair visually for your viewing pleasure and all the shenanigans will be captured forever!
We have continued with the signature sound that we have created, so expect acoustic guitars, heavy ass tracks and a suprise or two along the way, with Simon at the helm its promises to be sensational (if Simon doesnt line dance, then we quit!)

As i look back on the last year of gigging recording and hard work i realize that we have been blessed to work with some talented and wonderful people along the way and i am forever grateful for their help and love of what we do, its a true pleasure to have fun and play with some of our dear brothers in VALOUS.

By the same token i have met some terrible excuses for people who try to cut steal and lie their way to a brighter day and that aint no way to live and to behave in this game son.

i am proud that i and the boys have kept our heads up and remained true to who we are and always been respectful and professional as that is truly the mark of a great band not how many drugs you take or how your hair may look. its about passion and love of what you do and appreciation of all that came before us, for every person who has bought a cd or a tshirt that means more than anything you can imagine, in this day and age of digital media its all the more vital that we keep the music alive and kicking.

Its not easy for local bands who like to prouduce quality merchandise and records for people to want to buy, but we will continue to do so. A huge shout out to all local band out there with us slaving away for the love of music and the comradery that we have, we love you guys and all who attend shows and have a blast.

A huge thankyou to Mike dines, Matthew Cannings, Hils ovation, Mick Taylor, Kieron Firth, Simon cliffe and all at ARC Records, Prok and the roadhosue guys and anyone i forgot, your help more than any has been incredible!

Mostly to Pete. Morgan and Kevin my respect love and horns up to you for still kicking ass and being my brothers, hears to another HUGE year for SALVATION

until next time guys and gals