August 2013 archive

Sophie RIP

Rest in Peace Sophie Lancaster, your memory lives on in us all, lets stamp out prejudice in all subcultures and society, if you are a goth a punk a hip hop kid or a self proclaimed Chav we aint got nothing but love for ya, lets come together everyone!

We must all continue to respect and love people for there individuality and be open to change and intergration not be afraid of a different lifestyle or even religion,

We in the band are totally open to chatting,hanging out and drinking beer with anyone anywhere, so lets encourage everyone to embrace the people and cultutes that surround us all,

Much Love


News views and Bruises part 2!

Hey Guys Grizzly here to continue the series of updates and blogs.

Firstly we are in the studio starting TODAY tracking the brand new studio record ‘Ignite The Fire’ with Simon Cliffe,
Pete has layed down his drums parts for the first single ‘Fortune’ and what a job he did, legend! Kevin is now playing his Rhythmn guitars down and he is playing tight and bluesy as he is widely known for.
Myself and Morgan will be laying our parts down on August 24th and we have serious fire under asses and more confidence than ever, what a record this will be!
The single will be available ONLY with a ticket for our 02 Academy show on Ocotber 5th which will include the single and 2 limited bonus tracks that will not be included on the album, if you are interested in this here is the link

We have many plans in the pipeline including this mondays acoustic show at The Roadhouse Birmingham, which will be filmed for a video which we are very excited about,and we are once again filming with the highly talented Chris Mogridge with whom we filmed the ‘Judgement Day’ video with, and are very eager to get cracking with our next opus together.

We are also proud to be making our Scruffy Murphies debut on August 25th with swedish metal masters ‘Eternal Fear’ who have chosen us to open for them so we are honoured and stoked to make some noise with these legends.
Entry is a bargain at £3 and its the BEST pub in the city if you are interested in attending get in touch!

We like to also ask that you all have a look at the other bands who join us on ARC Records as they are part of this chaotic family and are all very diverse and metal.

Our truest and most sincere thoughts go to Mr Lemmy Kilmister as he is clearly in ill health and being one of our true inspirations we wish you well lord.

Until next time dudes, thankyou for reading it and remember…IGNITE THE FIRE!