November 2014 archive

As we ignite the fire

Hi there guys it’s Grizzly here with another update on all things Salvation

Firstly our second album ‘ignite the fire’ is in the mixing and mastering stages now and will dropped in early 2015, it has been along time coming and we are excited as we possibly could be and damn proud as well.

On January 3rd we will be be shooting the video for our single
‘Fortune’ with the talented Colin Ashby who also filmed our video for ‘Pray for me’ which turned out

We also have many gigs booked and many more to come as well as writing and composing our forthcoming 3rd album, no rest for
the wicked.

I am also very proud to announce that I have my very own podcast that will air via our site right here with some very awesome and interesting guests please support
The ‘grizzly show’ and spread the word.

Until the next time

Peace and love