A few questions….Kevins answers

1. Name 5 bands who people may not know you are into?
The Civil Wars, (hed) pe, The Parlor Mob, Caro Emerald and err… Salvation

2. what is your favourite interest outside of the band?
Im getting into drawing again at the moment and also want to find the time to finish making a mandolin.

3. what piece of gear do you desire most?
A Dobro resonator would be nice.

4. what is your favourite track from your second album ‘ignite the fire’? and why?
Mamas Fool, because its another different style for us, and not alot of other bands are doing anything like it either.

5. Metallica or Megadeth? and why?

Megadeth, because us gingers gotta stick together!

6. what was your top album 3 records of 2013?

Alice In Chains- The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

The Temperance Movement

Alter Bridge- Fortress

7. what is your favourite tipple?
George T Stagg, bourbon.

8. 3 albums to take to a desert island and why?

Pride and Gory, Faith No More- King For a Day…. and Led Zep- Physical Graffiti. Each of these albums has a lot of diverse styles and the song writing is top notch.

9. have you met a hero of yours and if so who was the coolest?

Eric Sardinas, he’s a guitar god, we talked about the weather ( very rock n roll )

10. if you were to be remebered for 1 song of salvation what song would you like it to be?
Broken Man