Gig Review Rock Zombie Dudley 25/04/13

Here is a cracking review from our show at Dudley Rock Zombie

First up at around 9.15 was Salvation. Vocalist Doug was first on looking every bit the rock star with his sleeveless motorhead t-shirt and tattoos a plenty, followed quickly by Pete, Kevin and Andrew. A few power chords to make sure everything is in order and they are off into the set with album opener Sundown, a great opening rock number that sets the tone for the rest of the set.

Before moving on to the next track Doug announces that “we are salvation” then straight into Pray for me which which is quite a contrast to the opener, slow and moody. By now the whole band are settled down and enjoying every moment of the set Doug’s vocals seems slightly off on the opening lines but was soon back in fine form.

Following quickly into The Fall which has a very moody and atmospheric intro, then with a crash of the cymbals from Pete its full force with its changing rock beats and slowed down moody contrasts. Doug and Kevin by now were all over the stage and occasionally moving to the rear to seemingly urge Pete to hit the drums “harder, faster and louder.”

Next track up is Hell and back giving the crowd a teaser for their 2nd album which is due for release later this year. If this is a sign of things to come for the album then bring it on!!!!!

By now the assembled crowd were fully focused on the band and enjoying every moment of this energetic performance.

Their set was concluded with Fortune, and finally Judgement day, another highly charged rocker from the album A Place Called home. It was a fitting end to the set and left you wanting more, which was echoed by the crowd as they called for more to a large round of applause.

Speaking to Doug afterwards he said that he had been struggling with a slight throat problem which had caused the vocal problems on Pray for me. All said and done and given this problem, he coped admirably to deliver a great set from a great live act. Well worth seeing again and again.

Shaun Roberts

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A Place Called Home review!

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Salvation are a 4 piece hard rock band from Birmingham West Midlands and have been around in various guises (Reign Of Fear previously) since 2004 and finally settling on Salvation in 2011. Now with a settled line, up they ventured into the studio to record their first album.

To say it gave a few surprises along the way is an understatement, but more of that later

The album kicks off with Sundown, a track that starts with a hard rock riff and sets the pace for the rest of the album (or so I thought). A decent opening track that had me anticipating what was next.

Judgement Day follows hard on the heels of Sundown and shows the country based vocal influence of Dougy “Grizzly” Reid with them set against the backing of guitarist Kevin Hazelwood and rhythm section of Andrew Morgan on bass and Pete Hogan ably supplying drums and percussion, this track is reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd or the early blues based country rock of ZZ Top.

Third track on the album is The Fall, it starts off with a slow intro and just as its lulled you into believing it is a ballad, in come the twin guitars of Doug and Kevin with full force. Throughout the track the tempo changes from hard and heavy to slow and slightly moody in places. You will be kept guessing what comes next throughout the whole 6 minutes. One of the highlights of the album so far!!!!!!!!!!!

Pray For Me slows the tempo down with angst ridden vocals and Dougy crying out “Will you pray for me”. The whole track draws you in and leaves you feeling the pain and anguish of the “narrators” torture.

Now this is where the surprises started to kick in. After the passion and rock of the preceding tracks I was getting hooked more and more. Then came May The Tide.

An acoustic track with guest vocals from Jodie – Leigh Steel, she blends seemlessly (and almost unnoticed) alongside the toned down male vocals and acoustic guitar. Surprisingly this worked really well and provided a pleasant change from the first half of the album

A slightly more up tempo track comes next, albeit acoustic again, Broken Man tells the story of betrayal in a relationship and the pain felt by the wronged party. Most people will have been able to relate to this at some point. The message sent out throughout the track is  “I may be broken now but I will come back stronger and better”

Jodie – Leigh Steel again provides guest female vocals on the Face To The Sun, and she again blends in on this the 3rdAccoustic track. Doug and Jodie harmonize well and also complement each other on their separate vocals

The 8th and final track on the album is just shy of 3 minutes and has got a distinctive pop rock feel to it, that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Bon Jovi album. A commercial feel to the end of the album that will appeal to a lot of fans who aren’t necessarily metal fans. It would be a good choice for a single release.

When I first listened to this album I wasn’t totally sure about a split of four electric and four acoustic tracks. Subsequent plays have confirmed what I already knew, Salvation are one of the good young breed of artists playing relentlessly honing their skills. Once you have got used to the idea of a split album of electric and acoustic tracks, it works well and will grow on you the more you listen to it

As a first album from  a band relatively new (in the current lineup) this is a good solid offering, that builds a platform on which they can move onwards an upwards. This is four competent musicians working well together to create the unique sound that is Salvation

This is an album that I will have on my MP3 player for a fair few years to come

Check them out at then go see them in a venue local to you. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed



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Q&A – Dougy


Dougy “Grizzly” Reid

1. Role within the band?

Guitar/vocals and management.

2. What’s your favourite part of being in the band?

Writing songs, performing live and being part of a brotherhood. Means everything to me!

3. Describe your fellow band mates in your own words.

Morgan – Reliable, committed and there through it all, not the key songwriter but his bass is essential to our sound and he can learn our new music in such a quick time its alarming.

Kevin – An amazing guitarist, his song-writing inspires me and his passion for music is truly awesome, he makes Salvation shine and stand out from other bands and I will always admire his ability and lead playing skills he is incredibly smart and a great friend… until his alter ego kelvin is lurking haha

Pete – My brother eternal a wonderful songwriter and arranger he can provide simple solid beats and amaze with his independence of his feet and hands or simply blow your mind with all aspects of his playing and he is the MVP of this band, a brutal drummer with a heart of gold, a true friend

4. Who’s job would you like to have within the band for one gig and why?

Morgan as he has it easy, lol. I’d like to rock on the bass ‘n get loose! and to experience it all from a different angle.

5. Proudest moment/s so far?

Having a fan travel from Wales to Birmingham to see us and finishing our debut album “A Place Called Home” and seeing it released through a record label, that will take some beating.

6. Your 5 biggest musical influences.

7. Which 5 albums would you take to a desert island?

8. Your 5 favourite films

9. Favourite beverage?

Sparkling water, man it makes me feel energetic and refreshed

10. Your favourite food?

Bacon, no debate!

11. What are your favourite non-musical interests?

Watching films, and writing lyrics…and drinking a cold cider!

12. Something that people might not know about you?

I am a huge country music fan and I also own all of Robert De Niro’s films.

…and finally your parting words to people who are fans of Salvation.

Thank you for listening to us and for supporting us, we couldn’t do it without you all, we will never let you down or sell out.  We will just continue to craft albums and tour endlessly, music is our passion and our lives see ya on the road!